Making a Splash

October 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I stumbled upon a list of “20 Inspiring Advertisement Designs” posted on, via DesignShack this afternoon and thought I’d take a look since I don’t deal with advertising, ever. These lists are usually a good way to keep in the design loop in industries you’re not involved in and helps you to think outside of whatever it is you’re working on. Well by the looks of this list, advertising loves splashes, bursts and explosions. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess it works, if it relates to what your selling. It definitely adds some drama to the advertisement, but if everyone is doing the boom, splat, splash! look, then it isn’t very unique is it? Can Sony, Nike and Audi really be using the same advertising strategy?

Here’s the link to the list on


Rock & Roll Photographer, yes please.

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I’m a little behind on this article, but I just stumbled upon it on “Life as Rock & Roll Photographer” is about Jeremy Harris and how he goes about shooting live bands, something I would love to have the opportunity to do. (Using my Sony point-and-shoot in the middle of a crowd is getting old) He talks experiences, lenses and crazy concert lighting. Interesting, insightful and inspiring.

Check it out at

Portrait Play

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My boyfriend bought me my Canon 28mm lens. So of course, I had to take some of him to test it out. He resisted of course. But, I always win.

Check them out on Flickr

Chloe Spring 2011? Love.

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Thanks to for posting some pics from the Chloe S2011 show. I’m loving the color palette! The soft neutrals and that pop of red are really great.

This is my favorite look. I definitely can’t pull it off, being a measly 5 feet tall, but god bless anyone who can!

Why Stella, why?!

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Stella McCartney designed a capsule line for Target. BUT, it’s only for Australia… womp womp! Oh well, I haven’t gotten enough of Tucker for Target yet, anyway.

Check it out at

Love my 28mm prime

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So I finally got a chance to start playing with my new Canon 28mm Wide Angle prime this weekend. I thought I would get a little frustrated being stuck at 28 and not having any focal distance control, but I gotta say… I don’t mind! It just makes you get more involved with your subject and the shot. The lens is great, the shots are great, it’s my new fav. I’ll probably never take this lens off my camera.

Here are some shots from this weekend, the rest are up on my ChrissyBPhotog Flickr.

This is my sister

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Isn’t she lovely?